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What you will learn in our Virtual Mindfulness Meditation sessions

In these virtual meditation sessions, you will receive practical techniques that can easily be incorporated into your day. You will learn to calm your mind and release all the tensions and stresses of daily life by observing the breath and bring the awareness to every moment.


Each week, different methods of awareness are introduced to the body and mind. Various techniques are demonstrated during our Virtual Meditation Sessions to work with emotions, feelings, and sensations, to understand them better, and learn how to release and let go of them. You will learn how to relax you mind and body, how to give your mind a break to regain energy and mind power. Through these virtual meditations, we learn how to notice our emotions, thoughts, and bodily sensations in the moment non- judgmentally, with kindness, and become more aware, focused and relaxed. We learn to stay present in the moment and live a happier, healthier and more harmonious life.

The simple mindfulness techniques I offer during our meditation sessions will gently strengthening and developing your mind, enhance your resiliency when dealing with challenges, and increase your capacity for compassion. So, you will become self-aware, more caring and compassionate towards yourself and others.


The topics include:

  • Introduction to Mindfulness: Mindful Body, Mindful Listening & Breathing; Developing Concentration & Reducing stress
  • Mindfulness of body & Brain Science; Self-Awareness
  • Mindfulness of Thoughts & Emotions: Naming/ Labeling Emotions; Self- Regulation.
  • Loving Kindness, Heartfulness; Self- Compassion and Compassion for Other
  • Gratitude & Generosity: Soaking the Good; Developing a Habit of Appreciation
  • Forgiveness; Reconciling with ourselves and others
  • Present Moment Awareness: Observing the mind, Identifying Responses Versus Reactions, Cultivating Self-Control and Choice; Social Awareness.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is simply the process of noticing our experience in present moment, and being none judgmental about any emotions or thoughts arise; in another word, Mindfulness is none judgmental awareness of the present moment. Mindfulness creates space.

Daily Meditation

Daily Meditation is a simple yet profound way to regain this power in harmony of mind and emotions. By doing the practice, people will be able to be calmer, healthier and a happier person

Wellness Benefits

Various studies – many of them completed or underway at U of T itself – have shown that a regular practice of mindfulness meditation can result in increased immune response and brain activity, as well as general stress reduction.

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