Mindfulness For Adults

Learn how to live a mindful life

Your outcome

You will learn to become aware and live a happier, healthier and more harmonious life.

Live meditation sessions will be introductory and easy to learn. The mindfulness lessons that offer stress-reduction tools, increase focus and productivity and brings happiness to your personal and professional life. Each session will build upon another.

Improve your focus & concentration?

Increase your productivity?

Live in peace with yourself and others?

Train your mind and live in the present moment?

Reduce the stress of daily life and improve mental health?

Mindfulness practices help with emotional regulation, self awareness, social awareness, relationship skills and decision-making.

Online meditation course topics include:

In my 6 weeks meditation and mindfulness online course, you’ll receive practical techniques that can easily be incorporated into your day. You will learn to give your mind a break to relax and release all the tensions and stresses of daily life. You will learn through a virtual guided meditation to bring awareness to your thoughts, emotions, feelings and bodily sensations; observe them non-judgmentally and manage them mindfully.

Introduction to Mindfulness

Mindful Body, Mindful Listening, Mindful Breathing (developing concentration & reducing stress).

Present Moment Awareness

Observing the mind, Identifying Responses Versus Reactions, Cultivating Self-Control and Choice.

Mindfulness of Thoughts & Emotions

Naming/ Labeling Emotions (Self- Regulation).

Loving Kindness, Heartfulness:

Self- Compassion and Compassion for Other

Gratitude & Generosity

Soaking the Good (Developing a Habit of Appreciation)

Mindfulness of body & Brain Science


About Gita

Your Instructor

Gita was introduced to meditation at a young age. She is the founder of Meditation for All Ages Gita is an experienced mindfulness instructor that has been studying Buddhism philosophy and meditation practices for over 25 years. She has studied with well-known meditation masters both nationally & internationally; attended many courses and retreats and has graduated to teach mindfulness meditation after years of intensive studies. Further, she has an extensive management and finance experience both as a high executive and an entrepreneur.

Gita completed a six-month long meditation teacher training course with the world renowned Willpower Institute in Canada & Thailand and obtained the Meditation Instructor Certificate to teach meditation and develop related training programs.

She has received her mindfulness training through Mindful Schools, and successfully completed the Year-Long certification program and became a Mindful Schools Certified Mindfulness Instructor (CMI). She also has a depth knowledge, training and practice of Yoga, and carry a Reiki certificate.

Gita enjoys sharing her passion through teaching mindfulness techniques to the meditation community and online group meditation to executives, parents, teachers, meditation groups, and students; helping them to learn this profound mind training practice, which brings clarity, guided imagery, and awareness to their minds.

She truly believes that incorporating Mindfulness as a daily practice allow for greater concentration, productivity, resiliency, self-management and a sense of happiness.

Gita Nilforoush

Your Instructor


Our Students Love Our Meditation Class

I have personally tried many meditation programs before taking Gita’s virtual meditation classes, ranging from online apps such as Calm and Headspace, to several in-person meditations classes. However, I found Gita’s 8 weeks program much more effective as it was personalized to my mindfulness needs. Through the sessions, Gita would observe my progress and needs, then tailor the mindfulness practices accordingly to help me gain maximum benefits. This allowed me to better understand my own meditative capacity, and learn what type of meditation works best for me and how and where I can use them.

I highly recommend Gita’s 8-week meditation program for whomever likes to embark on a mindfulness path, as the program introduces very effective techniques and empowers you to put them in use as needed throughout the day

Pantea P

I am amazed at the improvement from just spending 15 minutes per day on practicing meditation and being conscious of my breathing technique. I also enjoying the offering free of charge which allows me to listen to a guided meditation anywhere. This is so much better than other online virtual meditation groups I have joined and allowed me to further develop mindfulness. Thanks so much for offering virtual meditation.

Jamie S

I think the biggest compliment I can give is that I always felt light and happy after the class. Your passion for the practice is clear and you certainly have inspired me to continue with  mindfulness meditation exercises. I had no idea what meditation was all about before the course. But I now have an understanding of the varied practices and how they are used. Meditation is a lifelong devotion and one I wish to continue for my life with drop-in classes too. Thank you for bringing me to this point and sharing with me your knowledge and experience. I really enjoyed the course and they aid me in my personal development.

Brenda G

Just wanted to post a testimonial about my experience with Gita’s 8-week program. Like a lot of us, I have been struggling with anxiety and stress for a few years now. I had heard about mindfulness from a variety of sources, and thought I would look into it. 8 sessions later, I feel I am started down a clear path toward better wellbeing. Gita’s program took me through the steps from taking deep breathing to appreciating every little small things around. I can effectively use meditation on a daily basis. I highly recommend her mindfulness exercises to anyone interested in learning more about mindfulness.

Chris C

Very happy to have found you through one of your live streaming classes online. These meditation techniques are just what I was looking for and a great way to spend 45 minutes. It has helped me de-stress and I find the techniques to be an excellent stress reducer for gaining peace of mind.

Robin Z

Gita is that rare individual who has successfully integrated the best of her business/finance skills with a deep caring and understanding of people. The result is someone who you know you can trust, whether she’s managing sophisticated corporate finances or helping you identify your next best move. Her deep commitment to meditation and her superior intelligence combine to make her an outstanding leader in any endeavor. It was a privilege to work with her at the meditation center.

Carol M

I really like that I can meditate anywhere, anytime, regardless of time zone. All I need is 30 minutes and access to the intenet access to practice a daily meditation. Thank you for the excellent meditation experience Gita!  

Simon K

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