Online Workplace Meditation

Get your team involved in Meditation

For Any Workplace

Meditation is suitable for any workplace and can be practiced in any work environments. We can also facilitate online guided meditation session in your conference room. 

Improve Mental Health

There are many benefits of meditation and it has a noticeable, positive impact on both mind and body. It has also been recommended as an effective treatment for anxiety and depression.

Reduce Stress

Regular meditation programs are proven to reduce stress levels and improve mental health. If workplace stress is part of your work day, a daily practiced meditation will help you better manage stress. 

Gita Nilforoush

Gita Nilforoush

Certified Meditation Instructor

Gita Nilforoush is the founder and director of Meditation for all ages. Gita is an experienced mindfulness instructor that has been studying Buddhism philosophy and meditation practices for over 25 years.  She has studied with well-known meditation masters both nationally & internationally; attended many courses and retreats, and has graduated to teach mindfulness meditation after years of intensive studies.

Gita completed six-month long meditation teacher training course with Willpower Institute in Canada & Thailand and obtained the Meditation Instructor Certificate; Gita has completed the training courses at Mindful School in Emeryville, California for Mindfulness Fundamental, Mindful Educator Essentials, Difficult Emotions & Mindful Communications. She also has a depth knowledge, training and practice of Yoga, and carry a Reiki certificate.

Gita enjoys sharing her passion while helping her students to learn this simple mind training practice, which brings clarity and awareness to their mind.

Ready to show mindful leadership?

Mindfulness is none judgmental awareness of the present moment. Mindfulness creates space. It replaces implosive reactions with thoughtful responses.